In Sri Lanka, there were two ways to invest as a foreigner, a private limited company (LTD) or in a public (LTD)
In the private sector there was hardly some restrictions.
In the public I had to be created at least 50 rooms.
A local had at least 51% of the GmbH to have.
But there were advantages, 5 years of tax-free income, duty-free import of goods not manufactured in the country.
Except on vehicles were normally 100% customs duty that I could save.


I could cash in foreign currencies.
So we established a public L.T.D.

The plan we calculated like this:
Tourists who landed in Colombo will be picked up and drove by us across the island past the sights and tropical forests to the east coast.
Yet most of them are too exhausted and tired, the flights arrived around 6:00h and will rest in our holiday location once and enjoy the holidays.
Smaller tours such as Polonnaruwa should be offered.
More tours to Anuradhapura and Nuwara Eliya,

On the return trip to Colombo Airport we had planned an overnight stay in Habarana Village and could offer the same sights for the Dambulla Cave Temple and Sigiriya Rock,
A highlight would have been a national park safari at Yale for interested tourists.
I bought nearly 8 acres of land with 200 yards shallow beach, without electricity, telephone and water, about 90 km south of Trincomalee, named Trinco.
"On the west and south coast beaches can be dangerous, that are deep and the flow unpredictable. There nearly drown unwary tourists every year."
About 2 km away was still a small resor, run by a German, whom I never met.
The infrastructure began slowly in the next village, 15 km away.
It was careful to build a resort pioneering work in the bird sanctuary in harmony with nature.

After the purchase, I was able to officially take over with proof of my skills, architectural services and construction management.
The only constraint in planning: the building must not exceed the height of palm.
I was in my element .... my dream could come true ....
School and Pysik were previously too dry, now Psysik was one of my best "fan". Energy that nature offers us and that's a lot of water and wind, video .. --- To recognize, use, and storage options to use. Bio-gas plants, used as in India, (energy storage - space was there and also concrete blocks), were later also my goal.
Daft way to build huge wind turbines, which are expensive, noisy and spoil the landscape. There are better, quiet, slim and effectively even at low wind speeds. Even with rapid change in wind direction always fully power.
Long ago, the simple yet ingenious Savonius rotor was invented and has been detected only very late right.
How many things ... slowly turns to the brain input and the blinders off and recognize the simple effective systems.

I was able to "let off steam" ...
To get an already energy-saving systems, with natual air conditioning, we built romantic rondavels, which also offered little resistance to the sea breeze and hardly generated wind noise.
The heat could escape upward through a shaft, so we had a natural air conditioning system and the roofs were additionally covered with palm branches and so naturally isolated.
We were in the middle of a bird sanctuary and I had only a small infrastructure set up times.
1 water tower with a height of 10 m and located far away from hygienic reasons, caused a 15 psi water pressure sufficient for showering. The shower water was heated by black hoses to the huts of the sun.
A large well provided us with salt-free. clear water. A bio-filtration system was also provided later but first we cooked the water to drink from or use club soda.


The bathrooms had been built according to the European standard, and I even had to make the tile work, the local workers were not familiar with it.
I myself have also installed and connected a 16 KW Generator Lister ship engien to the electrics, which should run only in main load times. The Lister, a long-lived marine diesel, a long-stroke engine with flywheel, with a very stable running, load change.
Without revision, he was loud. Engeneers employees would beat his hands over his head together, but in Sri Lanka flap following:
Extend exhaust pipes with water pipes, through a water bath to heat water and retransmit 5 m in a vertical shaft with vent and let rest is!! Works fine ...
and keeps the diesel fine dust ..
The sanitary
coulure pit were created with a 3 chamber system.
To get back a green plant, we have planted over 200 palm trees.
As the first phase of construction was just finished and we were preparing for the first guests, the civil war between the Sinhalese and the Tamils began.
In a short time when I were not present, the facility was completely destroyed by grenades and machine gun fire.
So everything had to be set and the bankruptcy was sealed.

In the police report: A group of 80-100 Tamil Tigers neared the resort and leveled all the buildings with hand grenades and heavy mashine gun fire to the ground.
Remained only the black and white photos that I had as a contact record still with me and a few color photos.
More photos I still need to check with friends and then set into the Homepage.
The resort was submitted for approval, with 50 beach cottages, restaurant, reception, accommodation, tennis court, large swimming pool, a petting zoo and two large bungalows, some in this stem, at the beach and in the heat with a flat grass roof (turf roof), for Titus and his family and one for me and for my family.
The project should also be a pension protection for us.
Already in the first construction phase, the building had an officially estimated value of € 300,000.
Unfortunately, the dream has paid off in the truest sense in smoke .....


to be continued at Bad luck or destiny?  Photos at the moment under Sri Lanka in Deutsch


Der Anfang - 1980 - eine schnelle Übersicht -  The Start - 1980 - a quick view -

Muster Beach Cottage - Sample Beach Cottage -

Mein Freund Titus und ich am Esstisch, ein Schnappschuß.      

-My friend Titus any me at the Dining Table, a snapshot -

Die Familie von Titus - Family of Titus.
Die Familie von Titus - Family of Titus.

In meiner Zeit als Flugbegleiter machten mein bester Freund Eddie (rechts) und ich (mitte) im Jahre1980 in Sri Lanka Urlaub. Er war auch gerade geschieden worden und brauchte Abwechslung. Wir hatten von einem Kollegen einige Geschenke im Gepäck und lernten so die Familie von Titus kennen. Es enstand eine herzliche Freundschaft, die bis heute besteht.


In my time as a flight attendant, I took my best friend Eddie (right) and I (center) in the year1980 on a holiday in Sri Lanka. We learned through a colleague, the family of Titus know. It arised a warm friendship that exists today.


Mein bester Freund Eddie (leider schon verstorben) und ich vor einer Dagoba.

My best friend Eddie (unfortunately already deceased) and me in front of a dagoba.

Mein Freund Titus und ich vor einer Dagoba.

My friend Titus and me in front of a dagoba.

In einem der Budhistischen Here in a buddhist temple.Tempel
In einem der Budhistischen Here in a buddhist temple.Tempel

Hier in einem buddhistischen Tempel.

Here in a buddhist temple-

Titus verdiente sein Geld durch Touren über die Insel. Er wollte einen Mietwagen bestellen um mit uns eine Dschungeltour zu machen.

Eddie und ich sind Handwerker und waren auf Abenteuer aus, außerdem sollte er etwas mehr Gewinn haben und überredeten ihn mit seinem 27 Jahre alten Ford Anglia die Tour zu machen. Einen großen Werkzeukasten und eine Rolle Draht waren mit dabei.

Es waren unterwegs nur kleine Reparaturen notwendig: 2 Zündkabel mussten etwas gekürzt werden und der Lichtmaschienen Riemen wieder gespannt.

Man konnte im hinteren Bereich durch große Löcher die Strasse sehen und bei richtigen Schauern kam das Wasser ins Auto, aber wird hatten viel Spaß.


Von der fantastischen unvergesslichen Tour fehlen mir noch Fotos, die ich bald noch einstellen werde.


Titus earned his money through tours of the island. He wanted to order a car to take us on a jungle tour.

Eddie and I are craftsmen and were out on adventures, and he should have a little more income and convinced him with his 27 years old Ford Anglia to make the tour. A large tool box and a roll of wire were there.

There were only minor repairs needed on the road: 2 spark plug wire had to be shortened and the altenator belt tension again.

You could see the road thru large holes in the rear, and at right showers the water came into the car, but we enjoyed the tour so much and had lots of fun.

From the fantastic memorable tour I still need photos and I hope, that I will soon set yet.

Auch im Busch traf man freundliche Menschenwurde gebadet
Auch im Busch traf man freundliche Menschenwurde gebadet

Auch im Busch traf man freundliche Menschen.

Es wurde viel gebadet.


Also in the bush we met friendly people.
There has been much bathed.

Setzen des Ferienanlagenschildes
Setzen des Ferienanlagenschildes

Titus bereitete bei den Behörden die Anmeldung einer public L.T.D. vor und wir konnten im Osten der Insel, im Vogelschutzgebiet eine Plantage kaufen, die von einem Zyclon überrannt wurde und fast ohne Palmen angeboten wurde.

Die Anlage wurde Suriya Village Resort L.T.D benannt. (Suriya = Sonne) Village=Dorf, Siedlung

Resort= Urlaubsanlage.

L.T.D. = GmbH

Im Deutschen nicht ganz zu übersetzen, im Englischen eine tyische Namensgebung.

Vielleicht kommt Urlaub-Sonnensiedlung GmbH sehr nah.


Titus prepared with the authorities an application for a public LTD and before we could buy a plantation in the east of the island, bird sanctuary, which was overrun by a cyclone and was offered almost no trees.

The plant was named Suriya Village Resort LTD. (Suriya = sun).

200m flacher Strand und einige unserer Handwerker - 200 m shallow Beach and some of our Workmen.
200m flacher Strand und einige unserer Handwerker - 200 m shallow Beach and some of our Workmen.

Der Strand war ideal für Kinder und ältere Urlauber, über etwa eine Strecke von 100m konnte man im flachen Wasser waten.

Einige unserer Arbeiter im feierlichen Outfit bereit zum Besuch im Tempel.


The beach was ideal for the elderly and children, over a distance of about 100m you could wade in shallow water.
Some of our workers in a festive outfit.

Unser bunter  Baustellen LKW - Our Construction Truck.
Unser bunter Baustellen LKW - Our Construction Truck.

Unser kleiner Truck.

Titus links, Mitte einer unserer Fahrer, rechts der Koch.


Our small Truck.

Titus left, center, one of our drivers, the right, the cook.

Bei unserem anderen sehr guten Freund, Nihal, in Colombo, waren meine EX und Alexander gut aufgehoben.

Nihal und seine Familie haben uns sehr mit Rat und Tat geholfen.

Als Mensch Geschäftsmann war er einfach top.

Er hat eine Motoren Reparatur Fabrik und privat einige tolle Fahrzeuge.

Hier sein Allrad....

Auch ein Ford T4 war dabei.


With our other good friend, Nihal, in Colombo, my EX and Alexander were in good hands.



He, and his family helped us a lot, advices and deed.
Also as a businessman, he was great.

Nihal has a engine repair factory and private great vehicles.

Here is his four-wheel
Even a Ford T4 was there.

Zu Besuch bei Nihal, Besprechung für einen Jagdausflug.


Visiting Nihal, meeting for a hunting trip.

Gemütlich am Wohnzimmer offenes Dach
Gemütlich am Wohnzimmer offenes Dach

Das war gemütlich, direkt am Wohnzimmer ein kleiner Innenhof mit offenem Dach.

Wenn es regnete, ein unbeschreibliches Gefühl, der Ruhe und in den Tropen zu sein.


It was cozy, right at the living room a small courtyard with open roof.
If it rained an indescribable feeling of peace and being in the tropics.

Man traf sich oft mit Freunden
Man traf sich oft mit Freunden

Man traf sich oft mit Freunden


We often met with friends

Upali, ein guten Freund
Upali, ein guten Freund

Hier, mit Upali, Rechtsanwalt und ein guter Freund.


Als er zum ersten mal nach Deutschland kam, war richtiger Winter und hoher Schnee.


Es war kaum zu glauben, ein gestandener Jurist wälzte sich im Schnee, den er nur aus dem TV kannte.


Here, with Upali, a lawyer and a good friend.


When he came to Germany for the first time, was real winter and deep snow.

It was hard to believe that a solid lawyer rolled in the snow, which he knew only from the TV.

Nach meiner Trennung mit einem einheimischen Mädel
Nach meiner Trennung mit einem einheimischen Mädel

Nach meiner Trennung mit einem einheimischen Mädel


After my breakup with a local girl

Irgenwei hatte ich das gefühl man wollte mich wieder verheiraten.
Irgenwei hatte ich das gefühl man wollte mich wieder verheiraten.

Irgenwie hatte ich das Gefühl man wollte mich wieder verheiraten.


Somehow I had the feeling they wanted to marry me again.

Die geplante Ferienanlage im Modell
Die geplante Ferienanlage im Modell

Von einem Künstler hatten wir ein Pappmodell der Anlage erstellen lassen, das der dann für uns malte.

Später haben wir diese Vorlage als Visitenkartenlayout genommen.


By an artist we odered to create a cardboard model of the Resort, that he then painted for us.

Later, we took this as a business card layout template.

Auf einigen Routen kann man tatsächlich wilde Elefantenherden sehen. Auf dieser Fahrt waren es etwa 30 Tiere( Leider keine Fotos mehr) Daher hier ein link online


On some routes you can actually see wild elephant herds.
(Sorry, no more photos) Here an herd of 30 animals online link.