At Aunties place (Gila as she affectionately called her, Hilde was too strict) arrived, we had to take care about here, brought back some order in here live. Buying food, washing dishes, washing clothes, etc.
She had aged, ran only with Creeping slowly.
I could my sister and my brother in law today for those who can already sgaen, deeds, turn off  the air.

Auntie had gone with her two sisters for years to Andalusia to friends on vacation, had rented a vacation not far from the beach and terraced houses that brought money. Believed to have friends there and also to get help for their retirement, at least they constantly phoned them and discussed their plans ....

Unfortunately, that was not so, she was on vacation welcome, they were too busy with themselves and she a "burden".
I got in touch with the friends and was able to achieve, we set a small holiday house, at least were able to rent the bottom floor first, it was winter and they were empty.
I camped in the small living room but that was ok.
She could finally move out of the dump. It was a bit tight for both of us but it was finally in town and not far from the beach.
We made friends in some time with the neighbor.
She was retired and lived in here upper floor of the house next door.
She soon realized that I was technically gifted and gave us the proposal:
She could not rent the lower floor, because of the lack of a kitchen installation supposedly quite expensive and the Spanish wanted to open the walls.
If I would install a kitchen, we could live two years rent-free.
I researched the area and found a small carpentry, whose owner had spent some time in Switzerland and spoke swiss German.
I ordered the appropriate cabinets and countertops, all built with the help of a friend, Karl, of the German Animal Shelter on. He was previously a contractor and escaped to Andalusia ...

A problem presented the pipes, it was missing the water and drain.
From the bathroom I pulled something unconventional, with a few tricks, new connections and the kitchen was finished in one day.
She was thrilled that no
Serving the wall were necessary.
Thus we lived rent-free for some time and 100 meters from the beach.
Auntie was still not in a healthy condition and properly drinking too little liquid.

One day she choked on a piece of chicken and could not breathe, I could also knock back and upper body down the airways do not get free.
There was probably fate in the game, at the moment the bell rang and a her former neighbors from the dump house wanted to visit here.
We grabbed  Auntie, we put here together on the head and finally she could breathe again, that was close ......
For weeks she had no visitors, and at the moment of highest need help came out of nowhere .....
With Karl I befriended me and we were planning to jointly establish a company in Andalusia.
In my new Spanish bank, an employee spoke German and we asked for an office worker.
She told us that in her mother's house lives a German woman who also spoke Spanish. We got in touch with her.

Pronounce Gisela better or for Spanish, Gila, in Germany she had severe bone loss due to health problems and was sitting there in a wheelchair. Her doctors had told her. that they give her another 2 years in Germany, in a warm country 20 years and more.
So she had emigrated to acquaintances in Andalusia. Here she needed only in the winter time  occasionally a wheelchair.
Gila was willing to work for us.

I had to clarify some still in Germany and flew every few weeks away ..
We had tried for auntie to find trustworthy caregivers, but it turned out that almost all Germans had brought their problems from Germany, often was alcohol involved. Soon we were fed up, Gila had a room available and offered to take aunty in and care for here- Gila had spent some time working as a nurse and was ideally suited.
My giant motorhome I could park not far from her and got out of the current by neighbors.
Now we had landed from the German stronghold in the Spanish part and life run more quiet.
Although Auntie spoke Spanish and we had also tried to find Spanish nurses, but they were not really suitable and carefully.
On one of my flights to Germany I was really bad on board, it could not be, as a flight attendant I was used to fly.
I ordered my cognac and it went a little better after the 3rd I could continue the flight tolerable.
I still managed to enter the office of my family doctor, put me into the waiting room and tipped away.
He had to bring me to the hospital.
You woke up in a hospital bed on the hallway and thought I was in Cuba. There were supposedly no more room.
I could then make it clear to the nurses that I had been drinking on the flight only from necessity, cognacs and therefore smelled of alcohol and had no lash behind me.
Fortunately, I was additionally insured, after 1 hour was clarified with the insurance company and came up with the private station. It was then
determined diabetes II, but it needed 16 days with a lot of back and forth to determine the blood sugar value of lower sugar until sugar fluctuated over the running. I should therefore never take insulin. With an average, I think it was 298, I was released.
Back in Andalusia were the preparations for the establishment of a company with Gila and Karl on.
I had my  Golf16 V borrowed to Karl, but did not know that he had been drinking and had accidents with the VW Golf.
Gila and I visited their friends in Mucia one day, on the way back to 2h, began the
drive shaft at the right to strike.
It did not help, the ADAC had to help. It took 2 hours, then the car was standing in front of our door.
The ADAC offered to dump the Golf. It was to old for the 12 year vehicle . A repair would exceed the fair value.
I built the drive shaft and ordered a new one by VW.
Andalucia: 2 times perverse delivered ......
As the right was then installed, we found that the transmission was in the bucket.
Wow, 12 years I have maintained the car and as a Drunk in a short time makes everything flat.
He was then also really vicious, drank more and had stolen not only me. The initial friendship broke up.

Then I was surprised, teenager were very interested in the well-kept car and I sold it for 1500 €.
Gilas Nissan Prairie with a Blue Bird Motor handed us.

Aunty felt better, but had to under slight duress, are properly trained. She could no longer run only short distances with Creeping slowly and not anymore cycling.

With the time, Gila and I got closer. Soon I moved in to her flat. It works really great three years. We had basically the same views and hobbies. She liked very well cooking, took care of Auntie, she reported at the officials, fixed with health insurance, she went to the doctor did exercises with her was somehow over-housewife ... everything was in spite of the cats in pico bello the apartment and I was relieved.
But she also had their quirks, such as the seven cats, and often babbles the same
hurdy-gurdy. And I mean just, for example my big tool park with the clutter in here garage, the giant Pace Arrow. But we respect that.

She was an alcoholic and dry already for 5 years. In consideration for that, I also waived beer. We did not need it, we were quite pleased with ourselves.
She had started a Rancho for tourism and then she was deceived by the Spanish contractor and no more money.
The Rancho had advantages and disadvantages, the advantage, it was a huge piece of land and just 3 minutes by car from the beach.
However, no electricity, no water, no infrastructure, only one restaurant was not far.
There was the time already an EU law, every EU citizen to dasss same conditions payable a telephone, water and electricity connection should receive.
The master of the power utility, the Sevillana, explaned us: There is the EU, there is Andalucia, all stick to it, but not our small province.
So that the old rules were as follows: the first pays anything and approximately € 10,000 for the current.
Another disadvantage was that a so-called RAMBLA (dry river bed) directly behind the house came down from the mountains under the street.
It had to be taken elaborate precautions. If it is during pouring times a rushing river.
I calculated again by a first alternative electric investment came on the half, with gas generator. Gas was quite cheap for catering.
Wind and Voltarik systems considered themselves later.
We could even have a well drilling itself, an elderly lady near the construction site, where we had rented a garage, a derrick superimposed on its premises. Water should be found in about 20 m depth.
The area was so great that I even planned my macaw breeding could operate in the rear part, but water had to penetrate her, it dried in the heat almost all green was gone.
We calculated the Self construction work through again, it was still a lot to build and although heavy concrete work.
A friend, a finacial, counted it again for us,  to build by a building contractor.
Auntie and I had enough capital and the bank's played with.
It was affordable and a new car was still in this..
We put an ad in the newspaper and came forward from marbella a German contractor who his father even was an contrucion engeneer and approved in Spain. It looked good ....
We went to the German Honorary Consul and wanted to protect us against further criminal ways. His son was also admitted in the Spanish lawer Association and proved the company.
There was nothing negative known.
His son also set on a contract for Auntie and me, so we were secured by any falss for our financing.
He had to merge the German and Spanish law, however, bring it in line, so it took unfortunately too long.
It started really well, it was Spanish professional workers recruited and a young worker, we'll call him Norbert offered, our pastor of the "Evangelical Free Church" whether we would employ him, he just had a rehab behind him, was supposedly clean and half German.
The work was progressing rapidly and I had the Pace Arrow with a 4.7 KW generator driven to the site, so we had the current problem only once solved, the mashines ran.
Tanker water came, we had a cistern.
I could improve my Spanish, only Andaluz I barely got baked.
After work, I watered the concrete, otherwise it dried out too quickly.
Spaniards were interested to talk and were interested. As long as they spoke Spanish high, I had up to 2h conversations, only at the higher numbers I still stuck, I came up with the German. English and Spanish counting the rowing, but I had my converstions.
The Bank always paid according to construction progress and it has given us the entrepreneur but can piss.
With time, the bank stopped the payments, everything stood still ....
The experts had noted irregularities.
Gila started drinking beer and we had a heated argument, she changed her personality and was unfair,
slammed by somehow.
The workers were stinky, except as came no more payment. The plumber had already laid the copper water line and there were not a few.
One day I got on the site visit, the Spanish innkeeper from next door came with an opaque guy.
His cousin was the plumber and he wanted to about 1000 €.
I could not seem to explain in Spanish that still have money in the bank but does not pay, Classify ..
Apparently everyone thought we were broke.
The other Spaniards suddenly began to make demonstrative with his stiletto his nails clean ....
That was the first warning, that was clear.
I called Gila, and suddenly she was sober, but now she not left me in the lurch. She came with the car and we loaded the tool and scaffolding, and drove it to the garage.
The Pace Arrow I wanted to drive of the site, you shi ... oh, the brakes no longer worked ...
Such a giant crate can`t be so easy on tow, not even with a tow bar, the kinetic energy is too large, when it is the first time in motion.
I got the rage right now, so I did not want to give up, the giant had to be moved, the risk was too great. So much bad luck can not be true! In normal traffic the driving was not possible.
Now, however, many risks, I did not care, we waited the Siesta Time, Gila went ahead and "swept" the street free. I  drove the 6 tonnes of heavy vehicle behind her, 8 km ago.
Slowly at blind spots and on the open road at 100 km / h
Then we got really lucky, even towards the City was hardly anything going on and I could at the end of the beach, close to park at a fence, 300m of Gila, the camper somehow.
This is a feeling to drive a 6 t device without brakes, I had wished all the way to have a heavy anchor to Kick Out!
What one can go through the head for nonsense.
Managed, no matter, give me 5 ...
As a team we have always been good, pity that it escalated like that.
I later found out, the braking system had been tampered with ...

Gila made again stress, but I could persuaded here to ride together in the German stronghold to the Anomymous Aloholics.
Here, they spoke a hard language, she got her head washed, but nothing helped.
I was mercilessly toled, if Sh do not stop drinking, the social decline is inevitable, and we must, if she is down, step on here head and push in the Sch .. she produces
If that not works, leave here and keep a long distance.

This was a clear message.
A German / Spanish innkeeper heard about our situation and offered me to renovate a terraced house, of his parents completely. They were on holiday at the moment. The house stood empty for long and should be rented.
He had the key and held out the first materials. I started with the front yard and plastered all chipped areas.
In the bedroom, I laid the tiles and brushed the walls. The wardrobe had been placed by its size so that the door could only be half open. I shortened the cabinet a few inches and it fit exactly.
The parents came from the holidays and the stress started.
What I have experienced with other Andalusians, I can not make the most of advertisement for ...
The mother was raging, they do not need a renovation and also they have no money for holidays and had a new car.
Was all nonsense, after she had calmed down, more plans have yet been made and a garage wall demolished so that a larger car could fit.
A container ordered, the whole family including Grandma packed with to  dispose of the remains of the wall.
Then everything got out of hand, I had so far only get food and drink from the restaurant when I asked after payment, that has been blocked.
I had the rect. fully moved back into the trailer.
The son had at that time really stress with his restaurant. Tenants in the house had complained about the smell of fat pfficials and the kitchen they closed.
I considered the situation. We had to pry open the thick concrete floor of the apartment building.
Somehow that does not get the Andalusians in the pear: measly foundation without water barrier and a 40 cm thick concrete ceiling, as if it would rain grenades.
Since we had to go through and rented a pneumatic hammer heavier.
Somehow, the electricians have learned nothing, anyway, came sometimes transmit only 180 volts instead of 230 volts at the outlets. We always had to wait for the right time of the day to be able to work ......
I served free the vent pipe. the problem was, that every now arguably the wine bottles were emptied earlier by the workers and not just the pipe was passed through the false ceiling and so pulled the smell of the fat into the flats.
So, hour by hour we served continue until breakthrough fit a fitted tube was used. Fitted in the kitchen and I had to set it in the middle of the chimney the exhaust pipe from the left side. Even the kitchen was operational again.
He had now ideas for my camper and trailer ...
A neighboring Spaniards heard of the incident and spoke to me. He had seen my work and how I had worked reliably.
He could use a multilingual man with technical skills for his pedalo boat hire.
I clearly assumed we had to renovate them and then let in  the water.
We negotiated the percentages sllary for me.
The boats weighed 100 kg and determined very difficult for two man  His wife dragged with me the 12 boats in the water every morning and evening to the beach again.
I became slim and muscles right.
The Misfortune luck continued, it was a bummer summer 2000, strong wind, rain and the sky is often gray.
I was not able to buy food just enough. Under normal conditions, I could earn € 1,000 / month.
I was financially in the end, gave up everything. Packed two large suitcases and left, flew to Germany.
I even called Auntie befor I left, if she would come along. But she was satisfied and the landllady and the priest would watch here!!
To be continued!


Photos seen under "Andalusien in Deutsch" -  At the moment in the ruff version you can select some different storys above, still in German, but with photos




Der Anfang - 1980 - eine schnelle Übersicht -  The Start - 1980 - a quick view -

Muster Beach Cottage - Sample Beach Cottage -

Mein Freund Titus und ich am Esstisch, ein Schnappschuß.      

-My friend Titus any me at the Dining Table, a snapshot -

Die Familie von Titus - Family of Titus.
Die Familie von Titus - Family of Titus.

In meiner Zeit als Flugbegleiter machten mein bester Freund Eddie (rechts) und ich (mitte) im Jahre1980 in Sri Lanka Urlaub. Er war auch gerade geschieden worden und brauchte Abwechslung. Wir hatten von einem Kollegen einige Geschenke im Gepäck und lernten so die Familie von Titus kennen. Es enstand eine herzliche Freundschaft, die bis heute besteht.


In my time as a flight attendant, I took my best friend Eddie (right) and I (center) in the year1980 on a holiday in Sri Lanka. We learned through a colleague, the family of Titus know. It arised a warm friendship that exists today.


Mein bester Freund Eddie (leider schon verstorben) und ich vor einer Dagoba.

My best friend Eddie (unfortunately already deceased) and me in front of a dagoba.

Mein Freund Titus und ich vor einer Dagoba.

My friend Titus and me in front of a dagoba.

In einem der Budhistischen Here in a buddhist temple.Tempel
In einem der Budhistischen Here in a buddhist temple.Tempel

Hier in einem buddhistischen Tempel.

Here in a buddhist temple-

Titus verdiente sein Geld durch Touren über die Insel. Er wollte einen Mietwagen bestellen um mit uns eine Dschungeltour zu machen.

Eddie und ich sind Handwerker und waren auf Abenteuer aus, außerdem sollte er etwas mehr Gewinn haben und überredeten ihn mit seinem 27 Jahre alten Ford Anglia die Tour zu machen. Einen großen Werkzeukasten und eine Rolle Draht waren mit dabei.

Es waren unterwegs nur kleine Reparaturen notwendig: 2 Zündkabel mussten etwas gekürzt werden und der Lichtmaschienen Riemen wieder gespannt.

Man konnte im hinteren Bereich durch große Löcher die Strasse sehen und bei richtigen Schauern kam das Wasser ins Auto, aber wird hatten viel Spaß.


Von der fantastischen unvergesslichen Tour fehlen mir noch Fotos, die ich bald noch einstellen werde.


Titus earned his money through tours of the island. He wanted to order a car to take us on a jungle tour.

Eddie and I are craftsmen and were out on adventures, and he should have a little more income and convinced him with his 27 years old Ford Anglia to make the tour. A large tool box and a roll of wire were there.

There were only minor repairs needed on the road: 2 spark plug wire had to be shortened and the altenator belt tension again.

You could see the road thru large holes in the rear, and at right showers the water came into the car, but we enjoyed the tour so much and had lots of fun.

From the fantastic memorable tour I still need photos and I hope, that I will soon set yet.

Auch im Busch traf man freundliche Menschenwurde gebadet
Auch im Busch traf man freundliche Menschenwurde gebadet

Auch im Busch traf man freundliche Menschen.

Es wurde viel gebadet.


Also in the bush we met friendly people.
There has been much bathed.

Setzen des Ferienanlagenschildes
Setzen des Ferienanlagenschildes

Titus bereitete bei den Behörden die Anmeldung einer public L.T.D. vor und wir konnten im Osten der Insel, im Vogelschutzgebiet eine Plantage kaufen, die von einem Zyclon überrannt wurde und fast ohne Palmen angeboten wurde.

Die Anlage wurde Suriya Village Resort L.T.D benannt. (Suriya = Sonne) Village=Dorf, Siedlung

Resort= Urlaubsanlage.

L.T.D. = GmbH

Im Deutschen nicht ganz zu übersetzen, im Englischen eine tyische Namensgebung.

Vielleicht kommt Urlaub-Sonnensiedlung GmbH sehr nah.


Titus prepared with the authorities an application for a public LTD and before we could buy a plantation in the east of the island, bird sanctuary, which was overrun by a cyclone and was offered almost no trees.

The plant was named Suriya Village Resort LTD. (Suriya = sun).

200m flacher Strand und einige unserer Handwerker - 200 m shallow Beach and some of our Workmen.
200m flacher Strand und einige unserer Handwerker - 200 m shallow Beach and some of our Workmen.

Der Strand war ideal für Kinder und ältere Urlauber, über etwa eine Strecke von 100m konnte man im flachen Wasser waten.

Einige unserer Arbeiter im feierlichen Outfit bereit zum Besuch im Tempel.


The beach was ideal for the elderly and children, over a distance of about 100m you could wade in shallow water.
Some of our workers in a festive outfit.

Unser bunter  Baustellen LKW - Our Construction Truck.
Unser bunter Baustellen LKW - Our Construction Truck.

Unser kleiner Truck.

Titus links, Mitte einer unserer Fahrer, rechts der Koch.


Our small Truck.

Titus left, center, one of our drivers, the right, the cook.

Bei unserem anderen sehr guten Freund, Nihal, in Colombo, waren meine EX und Alexander gut aufgehoben.

Nihal und seine Familie haben uns sehr mit Rat und Tat geholfen.

Als Mensch Geschäftsmann war er einfach top.

Er hat eine Motoren Reparatur Fabrik und privat einige tolle Fahrzeuge.

Hier sein Allrad....

Auch ein Ford T4 war dabei.


With our other good friend, Nihal, in Colombo, my EX and Alexander were in good hands.



He, and his family helped us a lot, advices and deed.
Also as a businessman, he was great.

Nihal has a engine repair factory and private great vehicles.

Here is his four-wheel
Even a Ford T4 was there.

Zu Besuch bei Nihal, Besprechung für einen Jagdausflug.


Visiting Nihal, meeting for a hunting trip.

Gemütlich am Wohnzimmer offenes Dach
Gemütlich am Wohnzimmer offenes Dach

Das war gemütlich, direkt am Wohnzimmer ein kleiner Innenhof mit offenem Dach.

Wenn es regnete, ein unbeschreibliches Gefühl, der Ruhe und in den Tropen zu sein.


It was cozy, right at the living room a small courtyard with open roof.
If it rained an indescribable feeling of peace and being in the tropics.

Man traf sich oft mit Freunden
Man traf sich oft mit Freunden

Man traf sich oft mit Freunden


We often met with friends

Upali, ein guten Freund
Upali, ein guten Freund

Hier, mit Upali, Rechtsanwalt und ein guter Freund.


Als er zum ersten mal nach Deutschland kam, war richtiger Winter und hoher Schnee.


Es war kaum zu glauben, ein gestandener Jurist wälzte sich im Schnee, den er nur aus dem TV kannte.


Here, with Upali, a lawyer and a good friend.


When he came to Germany for the first time, was real winter and deep snow.

It was hard to believe that a solid lawyer rolled in the snow, which he knew only from the TV.

Nach meiner Trennung mit einem einheimischen Mädel
Nach meiner Trennung mit einem einheimischen Mädel

Nach meiner Trennung mit einem einheimischen Mädel


After my breakup with a local girl

Irgenwei hatte ich das gefühl man wollte mich wieder verheiraten.
Irgenwei hatte ich das gefühl man wollte mich wieder verheiraten.

Irgenwie hatte ich das Gefühl man wollte mich wieder verheiraten.


Somehow I had the feeling they wanted to marry me again.

Die geplante Ferienanlage im Modell
Die geplante Ferienanlage im Modell

Von einem Künstler hatten wir ein Pappmodell der Anlage erstellen lassen, das der dann für uns malte.

Später haben wir diese Vorlage als Visitenkartenlayout genommen.


By an artist we odered to create a cardboard model of the Resort, that he then painted for us.

Later, we took this as a business card layout template.

Auf einigen Routen kann man tatsächlich wilde Elefantenherden sehen. Auf dieser Fahrt waren es etwa 30 Tiere( Leider keine Fotos mehr) Daher hier ein link online


On some routes you can actually see wild elephant herds.
(Sorry, no more photos) Here an herd of 30 animals online link.