Lothar Schaefer today                                               When I was young 1980                                                         Still working 2008

Occupation:- pensioner -

I visited in 1956, the Protestant elementary school - Augusta School in Hilden. After a few years, was in our neighborhood, the community school -the Beethoven  school built, in the Musicians district, and  I stayed up to 1963.

The high school I threw after one year, that was not my world, at school, I had "no desire" more, I was always a "late bloomer", a should to be enrolled few years later. English, algebra, history and philosophy, was useless stuff, I did not get it, wanted to do something in the craft sector and was really lucky.

I began training in telecommunications office 4 in Dusseldorf and was one of the best.
Only on the IT school I had first pitch, a young engineer could not properly convey his knowledge and I got the certificate marked: Is unsuitable for electronics = 5 -
After 2 years he went or was gone. A funny young engineer took over his position. Strange, I was suddenly at 1 - really good.

Was soon transferred to the central civil service.
It was a very extensive teaching, for which I am grateful today.

Put metal machining, forging, turning, spring winding, underground and aboveground cable laying including phone masts, industry cable installation, technical drawing, telephone and
exchange wiring.

Electronics, physics and telecommunications in the It school.
I was fit not only for telecommunications, but also in the Electrical,  locksmiths, securing, I could often prove my skills.

I also had a very good education later in Elmshorn for teletype from Siemens and SEL.

Until 1978, I was first in Opladen, then in Dusseldorf as Technical Telecommunications upper Secretary (TFOS) salary grade A7 active, with a focus on data terminals in the department UFS or DE.
Here I met my best friend Eddie, we worked in the same field service district.

In 1971, I married an Englishwoman, who had worked at the British Airways office and I sniffed it in transport aviation.
Once a month we flew with airliner tickets to here parents, not far from Manchaster.

As an airline employee, I was often invited with her into the cockpit during the flight. We were able to talk extensively with the pilots and the flight engineer.

The fascination of commercial aviation,  I was getting stronger in the feeling for a cockpit job. Unfortunately, my school English was not good enough to allow me to be a flight engineer (FI) (English FE).
In England, I expanded my English a bit, especially with her brother during visits in the PUP.

Unfortunately, our marriage lasted only a few years. At 21 I was too young and not yet mature and very inexperienced.
After the divorce, I was looking specifically for contacts in the British Army, went with the soldiers on the Rugby Field and pulled through the bars.

Here I learned the proper British English, the foul language and was soon fit.
I inquired at different airlines and the best deal was a company in North Rhine-Westphalia, as I passed the exam for flight attendants (FB) (English FA) , with the option for a training for flight engineer (FI). English FA.

Particularly the written English, an essay was harder to translate than by Lufthansa. But I was well prepared, passed all the passages.
I was trained on two aircraft types, the Lockheed L-1011 with 345 passengers and the smaller French Caravelle with 88 passengers ..
Now it started: Oops, what cost the world ......
I could barely walk with my power, now the party really got started:

I flew half around the world for several years, with many impressions and experiences, and then began an internal training, which was conducted by pilots and flight engineers.

Approximately in the middle of the course, we were sadly informed that in the future no more machines with 3 man cockpit (the link for more pictures L1011 can be called) would be bought and had little chance for adoption.
Photos of L1011 from different airlines.
More photos of the L1011 can be further clicked the link as a slide show and then the image will be enlarged to "large".

Incl. the further training and testing (which I had to pay for itself) at the Technical School in Mülheim, with flight and lost wages during the training it was then too expensive, and too unreliable.
I decided, first as a FB to fly further and look around in the world, which is commanded me. I was hot on adventures.

Early 80-ies I married again and after a few years, our son Alexander was born.

My wife could come with up to 1 week stay on many flights, and I showed her many countries.
Through an heritance I was financially independent and could look further into the world.

Five years as a flight attendant was now enough. According to the countries in Europe, I had seen the U.S.A, Canada, Newfoundland, Mexico, Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba, Senegal, Kenya, Kano Nigeria, Bahrain, Thailand, the Maldives, Brazil and Sri Lanka and impressions can gather a lot of experience.
In these pages, if an image is to be enlarged by clicking, there often comes a page without great image and other advertising, but a smaller image appears on the right. Click there for a full size, and the full image is displayed.

I have seen many beautiful places in my travels, the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Thailand, the United States and Canada were among the favorites and a very beautiful island with friendly people, SRI LANKA.
From the first approach to the airport CMB with the extensive palm forests I liked it.

There I became friends later on with a Sinhala family and their leader, Titus.
He had a small tour guide company. But also experience, paving the way for German investors in the construction of a resort in the south of the island and that went well.

No matter freeloaders or not, I was so excited to create my own Resort  and to live in it.

I was financially well off, and later invested for his family in his new big house, which is located south of Colombo on the west coast in Pannipitiya.

Photos above are of  Sri Lanka in German, unfortunately, at the moment only in black / white.
It is located on a hill with Romanesque features and guest rooms.
The views of paddy fields and palm forests is simply picturesque.

A Google Map of Pannipitiya I have created under maps below ..

Who knows, can navigate there.

Titus is now 80 years old, no longer able to work. He can not longer offer tours in Sri Lanka, to feed himself and his family and to get around the house.

Only his grandson can support just yet, it lacks many things.

Maybe he can again offer rooms for tourists who do not want to go to the 5 star hotel and he can earn some money. What it desperately needs is a car and a good tour guide as a driver.
One of his sons died in a heart attack years ago, unfortunately.

Sri Lanka tourists should not drive themselves, they are just asking for trouble ...
With the rental he could start a small business again. I will do my best to help him and to regulate the kind with him.
He is a very friendly, devout Budhist and had always stood by me as a very good friend with my actions.
In order to support his family during the Civil War, he was gone to Italy a few years and gets only a small pension.

I'm trying to get from him newer photos of his house and  integrate them into my website.
One of the rooms in his house is always provided for me, let's see if it drives me once again into the distance ......

My wife liked Sri Lanka also, here allergies and eczema were gone as spirited away.
Said and done, on the west coast was not to find inexpensive large piece of land. We have found in eastern Sri Lanka, a cheap piece of land, a cyclone had swept over it and has shaved off almost all palm trees.

I bought it at Kayankerni Kalkuda, Batticaloa District, in the Vandeloos Bay,
(For insiders) near Elephant Point, and it is located about 90 km south of Trincomalee.

It was mostly free from encumbrances that could lead to real problems.

(I've created Google Maps)

Nearly 8 acres of land with 200 yards shallow beach without electricity, telephone and fresh water.

Here I was in my element, was able to use all my knowledge.
Will make my visions come true.

What is rational for each individual, if the genes pretend a lot?

I like to
traipse in safari clothes and ride around on a beloved four-wheeler...

appropriate opportunity, but also with a suit and tie, to dance and restaurant, all in the right time.

The urge of freedom was increasingly traveling, somehow a sense of how the pioneers who settled in America ....

Besides the good times with different partner girls and the short time with my son, the pioneer days with learning effects, the greatest happiness of inner peace in my life ....

Despite the losses, I am grateful for this opportunity that nobody can take away any more!

I think if the opportunity I would have, I would do it again, but this time with the experiences of today and then on the south / west coast.

I take today completely different things important when some freak out, I'm not in stress.

I've become a little bit 
philosophical that is inevitable when you have seen a long time "over the fence" and can compare.
What annoys me:
In Germany, where is the common sense?

Authorities and corporate despotism takes it to an ongoing basis.
Moronic judgments, not close to the people.
Elbow Society and who still knows his neighbors?

Brutality not only with adults, superficiality, egoisem, I. I am. I......

the yuppies have already tried that and failed ...

Since there are no injuries and cares!

Beautiful EU World: Fruit and vegetable sizes, banana curvature, elsewhere people are dying of hunger!

I get a
crisis ...

Designer society to children.
Jeans etc. ok yes, the expression of personality, but a morbidly awake ended? When will the Desginerbabys
After I have repeatedly survived:
right to use the borrowed time on earth for themselves, for their own needs, is an art ....

I am now in the second half of life, but felt like I am 40 years old, became Quiet, "but the paint is not yet gone."
If it "
sparks" with a girl or woman, I would give up the distance and I will stay with here, but not on every corner to find a pioneer woman.

Well, in Sri Lanka is still room and slowly restored order in the country ....

The few things I was
missing there: DIY (Home care center) and quite honestly "Currywurst". =Curry sosage. For my friends in Sri Lanka I have a photo set link.

I'm Not a cook, but in times should learn to make them myself, there are enough curry, only with the sausage is lagging behind.

After the purchase I was able to officially take over the architectural services and construction management.

The only condition was that the buildings were not allowed to extend beyond the height of the palm trees.

I would like to emphasize: corruption in administration did not exist.
Pictures at the moment under "Sri Lanka in Deutsch"

The story to be continued at my son Alexander


Der Anfang - 1980 - eine schnelle Übersicht -  The Start - 1980 - a quick view -

Muster Beach Cottage - Sample Beach Cottage -

Mein Freund Titus und ich am Esstisch, ein Schnappschuß.      

-My friend Titus any me at the Dining Table, a snapshot -

Die Familie von Titus - Family of Titus.
Die Familie von Titus - Family of Titus.

In meiner Zeit als Flugbegleiter machten mein bester Freund Eddie (rechts) und ich (mitte) im Jahre1980 in Sri Lanka Urlaub. Er war auch gerade geschieden worden und brauchte Abwechslung. Wir hatten von einem Kollegen einige Geschenke im Gepäck und lernten so die Familie von Titus kennen. Es enstand eine herzliche Freundschaft, die bis heute besteht.


In my time as a flight attendant, I took my best friend Eddie (right) and I (center) in the year1980 on a holiday in Sri Lanka. We learned through a colleague, the family of Titus know. It arised a warm friendship that exists today.


Mein bester Freund Eddie (leider schon verstorben) und ich vor einer Dagoba.

My best friend Eddie (unfortunately already deceased) and me in front of a dagoba.

Mein Freund Titus und ich vor einer Dagoba.

My friend Titus and me in front of a dagoba.

In einem der Budhistischen Here in a buddhist temple.Tempel
In einem der Budhistischen Here in a buddhist temple.Tempel

Hier in einem buddhistischen Tempel.

Here in a buddhist temple-

Titus verdiente sein Geld durch Touren über die Insel. Er wollte einen Mietwagen bestellen um mit uns eine Dschungeltour zu machen.

Eddie und ich sind Handwerker und waren auf Abenteuer aus, außerdem sollte er etwas mehr Gewinn haben und überredeten ihn mit seinem 27 Jahre alten Ford Anglia die Tour zu machen. Einen großen Werkzeukasten und eine Rolle Draht waren mit dabei.

Es waren unterwegs nur kleine Reparaturen notwendig: 2 Zündkabel mussten etwas gekürzt werden und der Lichtmaschienen Riemen wieder gespannt.

Man konnte im hinteren Bereich durch große Löcher die Strasse sehen und bei richtigen Schauern kam das Wasser ins Auto, aber wird hatten viel Spaß.


Von der fantastischen unvergesslichen Tour fehlen mir noch Fotos, die ich bald noch einstellen werde.


Titus earned his money through tours of the island. He wanted to order a car to take us on a jungle tour.

Eddie and I are craftsmen and were out on adventures, and he should have a little more income and convinced him with his 27 years old Ford Anglia to make the tour. A large tool box and a roll of wire were there.

There were only minor repairs needed on the road: 2 spark plug wire had to be shortened and the altenator belt tension again.

You could see the road thru large holes in the rear, and at right showers the water came into the car, but we enjoyed the tour so much and had lots of fun.

From the fantastic memorable tour I still need photos and I hope, that I will soon set yet.

Auch im Busch traf man freundliche Menschenwurde gebadet
Auch im Busch traf man freundliche Menschenwurde gebadet

Auch im Busch traf man freundliche Menschen.

Es wurde viel gebadet.


Also in the bush we met friendly people.
There has been much bathed.

Setzen des Ferienanlagenschildes
Setzen des Ferienanlagenschildes

Titus bereitete bei den Behörden die Anmeldung einer public L.T.D. vor und wir konnten im Osten der Insel, im Vogelschutzgebiet eine Plantage kaufen, die von einem Zyclon überrannt wurde und fast ohne Palmen angeboten wurde.

Die Anlage wurde Suriya Village Resort L.T.D benannt. (Suriya = Sonne) Village=Dorf, Siedlung

Resort= Urlaubsanlage.

L.T.D. = GmbH

Im Deutschen nicht ganz zu übersetzen, im Englischen eine tyische Namensgebung.

Vielleicht kommt Urlaub-Sonnensiedlung GmbH sehr nah.


Titus prepared with the authorities an application for a public LTD and before we could buy a plantation in the east of the island, bird sanctuary, which was overrun by a cyclone and was offered almost no trees.

The plant was named Suriya Village Resort LTD. (Suriya = sun).

200m flacher Strand und einige unserer Handwerker - 200 m shallow Beach and some of our Workmen.
200m flacher Strand und einige unserer Handwerker - 200 m shallow Beach and some of our Workmen.

Der Strand war ideal für Kinder und ältere Urlauber, über etwa eine Strecke von 100m konnte man im flachen Wasser waten.

Einige unserer Arbeiter im feierlichen Outfit bereit zum Besuch im Tempel.


The beach was ideal for the elderly and children, over a distance of about 100m you could wade in shallow water.
Some of our workers in a festive outfit.

Unser bunter  Baustellen LKW - Our Construction Truck.
Unser bunter Baustellen LKW - Our Construction Truck.

Unser kleiner Truck.

Titus links, Mitte einer unserer Fahrer, rechts der Koch.


Our small Truck.

Titus left, center, one of our drivers, the right, the cook.

Bei unserem anderen sehr guten Freund, Nihal, in Colombo, waren meine EX und Alexander gut aufgehoben.

Nihal und seine Familie haben uns sehr mit Rat und Tat geholfen.

Als Mensch Geschäftsmann war er einfach top.

Er hat eine Motoren Reparatur Fabrik und privat einige tolle Fahrzeuge.

Hier sein Allrad....

Auch ein Ford T4 war dabei.


With our other good friend, Nihal, in Colombo, my EX and Alexander were in good hands.



He, and his family helped us a lot, advices and deed.
Also as a businessman, he was great.

Nihal has a engine repair factory and private great vehicles.

Here is his four-wheel
Even a Ford T4 was there.

Zu Besuch bei Nihal, Besprechung für einen Jagdausflug.


Visiting Nihal, meeting for a hunting trip.

Gemütlich am Wohnzimmer offenes Dach
Gemütlich am Wohnzimmer offenes Dach

Das war gemütlich, direkt am Wohnzimmer ein kleiner Innenhof mit offenem Dach.

Wenn es regnete, ein unbeschreibliches Gefühl, der Ruhe und in den Tropen zu sein.


It was cozy, right at the living room a small courtyard with open roof.
If it rained an indescribable feeling of peace and being in the tropics.

Man traf sich oft mit Freunden
Man traf sich oft mit Freunden

Man traf sich oft mit Freunden


We often met with friends

Upali, ein guten Freund
Upali, ein guten Freund

Hier, mit Upali, Rechtsanwalt und ein guter Freund.


Als er zum ersten mal nach Deutschland kam, war richtiger Winter und hoher Schnee.


Es war kaum zu glauben, ein gestandener Jurist wälzte sich im Schnee, den er nur aus dem TV kannte.


Here, with Upali, a lawyer and a good friend.


When he came to Germany for the first time, was real winter and deep snow.

It was hard to believe that a solid lawyer rolled in the snow, which he knew only from the TV.

Nach meiner Trennung mit einem einheimischen Mädel
Nach meiner Trennung mit einem einheimischen Mädel

Nach meiner Trennung mit einem einheimischen Mädel


After my breakup with a local girl

Irgenwei hatte ich das gefühl man wollte mich wieder verheiraten.
Irgenwei hatte ich das gefühl man wollte mich wieder verheiraten.

Irgenwie hatte ich das Gefühl man wollte mich wieder verheiraten.


Somehow I had the feeling they wanted to marry me again.

Die geplante Ferienanlage im Modell
Die geplante Ferienanlage im Modell

Von einem Künstler hatten wir ein Pappmodell der Anlage erstellen lassen, das der dann für uns malte.

Später haben wir diese Vorlage als Visitenkartenlayout genommen.


By an artist we odered to create a cardboard model of the Resort, that he then painted for us.

Later, we took this as a business card layout template.

Auf einigen Routen kann man tatsächlich wilde Elefantenherden sehen. Auf dieser Fahrt waren es etwa 30 Tiere( Leider keine Fotos mehr) Daher hier ein link online


On some routes you can actually see wild elephant herds.
(Sorry, no more photos) Here an herd of 30 animals online link.